Get Right Customers For Your Business

A medium for businesses and customers. Connect with us and let your business grow. A local business classified in Kerala

List your business with us. We provide right customers for you. No matter what business you are doing, we have right customers for you. We act as a medium between businesses and customers. Our trusted partnership with businesses and customers gives smooth service and satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Our dedicated employees and our network act for both business owners and end customer. So the business will function smoothly and customers will get good service.

Services We Provide

Towing & Recovery Services

We provide conformed daily trips for towing service businesses in Kerala. This will help the business to get additional trips and revenue.

Jump Start Services

Gives conformed leads for jumpstart service businesses. Go and direcly meet the customers that we provide.

Mechanical Assistance

Generate vaulable business for workshops and service centres.

Why Choose Us


We are passionate in our business. Our dedicated teams is available at any time for on road assistance.


Professional teams who manages all customer queries and provide valuable and emergency services.


24 Hours online and offline support for our customers

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